Here you will find information about training. Motto: Train smart!
The first thing to do when you start training is to do a couple of test with a coach of at your local fitness center. You need to know how fit you are and how your condition is doing. After that you can make a good schedule for your condition and goals. This will be your guideline to the finish!

At this moment I’m in week 6 from my training schedule. Now it is:

Bike: 6 hours

Swim: 2,5 hours

Run: 3 hours

On top of that I’m doing a couple of workouts in the gym to strengthen my core, back and shoulders. When you have a strong core you can be more stable on your bike and get more power into your pedals. This will also help you by running and swimming.

Good exercises you can do at home are the core stability training sessions from Lance Amstrong (Still my big hero!)

Core training 1:

Core training 2:


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